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Shelley: Vocals & Guitar
     With a big heart for music, guitar and community, Shelley landed a spotlight in her teens, winning a talent contest with her fellow farm girl friends at the Little Myrtle bar in Lonsdale, MN.   Sharing their cash prize earnings, they were able to treat their fans to pizza after singing and playing, "Thank God, I'm a Country Girl!"
     Inspired by artists like Jewel, Sheryl Crow & Eva Cassidy, Shelley's guitar picking songlist of folk, country, and pop/rock blossomed.  Gaining recognition as a chosen solo artist for festivals, fundraisers, and other special events eventually got Shelley hired as a regular performer in a local coffee shop and at the Montgomery Orchard.  
     Promoting joy and healing through music has always been at the core of Shelley.  She befriended a talented group of musicians while leading worship at church, and in 2012, they started the band, Wreckless.  Shelley's music continues to be featured on "Live Musician Fridays" for New Prague's KCHK radio, along with her entertaining acoustic trios, Plum Daisy, BoomChickaBoom & Whoops.a.Daisy.
Brian: Drums and Vocals
According to Brian's Mother his interest in drums started when he saw his first drum kit in a store window in the mid 60's. For his ninth birthday he received the Big Bash snare drum and he has been hitting things with sticks ever since. RLRR LRLL
Brian has been playing music his entire life. Brian has show cased his talents in many rock-n-roll bands, classic big bands, and blues bands. He was also a member for 33 years with the City of Edina Community Band.
Brian is excited to provide the beat with Wreckless. He is also reuniting with Wreckless bass player Brad. Brad and Brian were bandmates for two years in the 80's. They traveled in MN, IA,, WI and SD, playing together, trying to earn enough money to pay the bar tab.
Brian has been married for over 30 years and has two daughters and a granddaughter. He works as a software engineer for a major medical device company
Cary: Lead Guitar & Vocals
     With many years of experience, Cary Havlicek is a well known musician and guitar instructor from southern Minnesota. He is well versed in lead guitar, bass guitar, and vocals. He has a rich past of working with many bands including his own popular group,”The Classic Renowns,” which he led, owned, and operated for more than ten years. Cary has also performed with many other bands: “Downtown Sound,” “The Entertainers,” “Wires,” “Great Impostors,” “Eclipse,” “Memphis,” and more. In addition, Cary shared the stage with national acts including “The Little River Band” and “Ricky Van Shelton.”
     Playing in bands and teaching guitar lessons, since he was fourteen years old, Cary has taught thousands of students over the years. Cary is now a guitar instructor full time, teaching students of all ages. His students look up to Cary as a teacher and mentor. Many of his students have continued their music journey by performing and becoming instructors themselves.
     Along with Cary’s passion for teaching and playing, Cary’s genuine personality is not overlooked. He is a kind hearted man that brings excitement to the room and on stage. Cary sparks positive energy in any setting and is a joy to be around. He is very much loved by his friends and family.
Brad: Bass Guitar & Vocals


     Brad Started his musical journey standing in front of the TV watching the Ed Sullivan show wearing a Beatles wig and playing a plastic guitar. The Beatles wig is gon and the plastic guitar has been replaced by many other nicer instruments. Over the course of time, Brad's love for music has remained.
     Brad has played in bands (a number of them actually worked) since junior high and has never been too far from an instrument. Just like Shelley, after a family was started with his wife Lynn, Brad started leading worship for Sunday school classes which led to coffee houses and original recordings and eventually to either leading or helping out with worship teams for the last 15 years. Brad is very grateful to be continuing with that as well as moving forward as a member of Wreckless.

Steve: Keyboards/Vocals


Steve began his professional music career at age 16 in the central Minnesota ballroom circuit.  Since then, he has performed in 46 states, Canada, and Mexico with numerous acts covering several music genres.  Highlights of Steve’s career include performances and/or tours with several national recording artists including former Columbia recording artists The Brian McDonald Group from 1987-89, former Atlantic Nashville recording artist Robin Lee (#12 single Black Velvet in 1990) from 1991-93, and Paulette Carlson, founding member of former Warner Bros. recording artists Highway 101.  In 2008, Steve was inducted into the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame for his work with The Doc Holliday Band from 1993-94.  Steve has been part of the music ministry at the Church of St. Paul in St. Cloud, MN since 2001 and the Church of St. Peter in St. Cloud, MN since 2008. He has been married to his wife Sheila for over 20 years and has two adult step-children and three grandchildren.   Steve is thrilled to be reunited with Brad and Brian who were former bandmates of his in the early ‘80’s.  He is grateful to be part of the Wreckless family and is looking forward to making new music memories!

Craig: Sound
     Craig’s love for music started as a boy listening to his mom play guitar and sing country and western.  He quickly discovered that he had no musical ability but was fascinated with the growing high fidelity stereo equipment market. His fascination lead to an understanding and eventually a desire for bigger and louder gear.  
     The emergence of contemporary music in the church and the need for people to maintain and operate the PA systems was the perfect outlet for his desires. He grew up mixing worship, Christian rock and gospel bands, and today he still mixes Sunday services.  The opportunity to work with Wreckless represents a personal change doing sound for a cover band.
     He has been married over 30 years to Bari and has two adult children. He is employed as sales representative with a national chemical distributor. Turn it up!
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